Structured activities are scheduled at least one to two hours per day. Music, arts, crafts and exercise, as well as other types of activities are offered. Refer to monthly newsletter for daily calendar of activities.

Residents are sometimes taken on out-of-facility trips or to events if it is appropriate for their physical condition. Either a staff member or volunteer of the Golden Age Assisted Living will accompany them on the outing. Please inform us if there is any problem involved in your resident’s participation in such activities.


Staff will meet and evaluate problems with residents on a monthly basis.  If a resident exhibits behaviors which might threaten their ability to remain independent, information will be passed on to the family so that early interventions can be sought.  If interventions are ineffective, the Director may request that the family relocate the resident to the nursing or other appropriate facility. The resident and/or family may appeal this decision.

Damage Deposit

Golden Age Home does not require a deposit for admission; however, a damage deposit of $500 is required upon renting a room on the 100 and 200 halls. Wing 3 deposit will be $414 which is equal to one month’s rent.  The deposit will be paid prior to move in and will be maintained separately from rental money.

Upon leaving Golden Age Home Assisted Living, the resident will receive full or partial refund of the damage deposit as appropriate.  Funds will be retained for the replacement or repair of any item at Golden Age Assisted Living that has been damaged (examples include but not limited to the life line phone system, pendent and carpet) in other than normal wear and tear.

At the time of the settlement of the damage deposit a list of items deducted from the damage deposit will be provided to the responsible party of the resident.


A key to the resident’s room is available upon request.  Replacement keys can be provided at the expense of the resident and/or family.  The first replacement will be $10 any after that will be $25.  Keys are to be returned to the manager upon discharge.  Money for the keys will be taken out of the deposit for any not turned in.


Medication management is a service offered by Golden Age Home Assisted Living upon request at an additional cost. However, residents must be able to administer their own medications.  Staff members will remind residents that it is time to take their medications.  Staff members can assist residents in reading labels and opening containers.  To further eliminate the possibility of missed dosage or tampering with medications, Golden Age Assisted Living uses Pharmerica from Austin who prepackages the medicines by dosage time and date.  (An application for Pharmerica is included in the administration packet.)

If a resident chooses not to take a medication, staff will record it in a document.  Charts are not maintained for individual residents.

In the case that the resident chooses to be responsible for medications themselves, be advised on December 21, 2005, Attorney General Greg Abbott issued Opinion #GA-0384.  The opinion states that designating certain Canadian pharmacies, promoting them on the Texas State Board of Pharmacy's website, and permitting Texas consumers to import prescription drugs from Canada would violate federal law.


A monthly newsletter is put together by Golden Age Assisted Living activity department contributed to by various staff.  This newsletter is for both the residents and their family members.  Not only does it contain a daily calendar of the month’s events but it also contains information about the daily happenings and things of which we are in need.  You can be added to the mailing list by filling out the newsletter form found in the admission packet.


The use of oxygen is allowed at Golden Age Assisted Living facility. The administration and maintenance of the oxygen and any equipment needed for its use is the responsibility of the resident and/or resident family.

Pets & Plants

Pets and plants are allowed in Golden Age Assisted Living. There are available plots for gardening which residents may enjoy.  Each sun room at the end of every hallway also has space for plants to soak up sun.  Watering of the plants will be left up to the residents.  Pets must be in compliance with State guidelines (listed below).  There is a $150 non-refundable pet deposit upon move in of pets.  All pets must be as safe as possible.  There must be no history of illness or violence in the pet’s past.  All cats must be totally declawed.  All pets must be neutered or spayed, with the exception of fish and birds. All pets except fish and birds must be continent and house broken.

An excerpt from the State guidelines is as follows:

  • Must have proper vaccination (with documentation)

  • Must be under supervision of a specific veterinarian

  • Animal cannot go into the dining room

  • It is defined who is responsible for the pet

  • It is the resident owner’s responsibility to feed and care for the pet

  • The pet is not allowed on facility furniture

  • The pet must be on a leash when in the common areas of the facility  


On some occasions photographs are taken of Golden Age Assisted Living residents for activity or publicity purposes.  These photographs are regularly displayed.  Please inform us if there is any problem involved in your resident’s participation.


Residents may continue using their current physicians once they have moved to Golden Age Home Assisted Living. The resident will need to arrange their own transportation. CARTS (Community Transit) can be utilized for this service. Their number is (800) 456-7433. The Activity Department will be happy to help make phone calls and assist in these arrangements.

Resident Council

Golden Age Assisted Living has a Residents’ Council.  At present, Golden Age Assisted Living does not have a family council due to lack of interest on the part of the families.  There is a procedure whereby grievances are addressed by the Personal Care Manager and then the Executive Director.  A suggestion box hangs on the wall outside of the main office.


It is the policy of Golden Age Assisted Living to provide an environment with the least possible restrictions on the personal freedom of our residents.  Restraints are not used for Personal Care residents.

Room Hold Deposit

Potential residents may choose to put down a $500 nonrefundable room hold deposit.  This deposit ensures that no one else will move into the specified room and it will be ready and available when the potential resident decides to move in.  The room-hold deposit may be used as the damage deposit once the potential resident gains occupancy.

Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs

Scooters & electric wheelchairs are permitted.  The maintenance and upkeep of these items are the task of the resident.  To ensure the safety of all residents and staff, “drivers” are asked to maintain a low speed while inside the buildings.  Scooters & electric wheelchairs are not allowed in the Dining Room.  Residents must be able to walk or use a manual wheelchair from the hallway to their place in the Dining Room.

Sitter Policy

In the event that family members or the resident wish to hire a private sitter, Golden Age Assisted Living policy must be followed.  That policy requires that individuals who take care of activities of daily living be certified nursing assistants.  The certified sitter must report to the Executive Director or the Personal Care Manager upon hire.  No former employee who has been fired from Golden Age Assisted Living for cause can be hired as a sitter.


Golden Age Home Assisted Living is a non smoking facility. Residents, staff, and visitors may smoke in designated outside areas. All residents and staff are encouraged to stop smoking for good health. The patio outside the activity room has been set aside as a smoking area for both staff and residents. The Assisted Living residents and visitors may also use the patio off the Wing 3 middle sunroom. Ashtrays have been placed in both these areas.  Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground or in the trash can as this has the potential to cause fire. We also ask that the main entrance be smoke free for those entering and leaving the building.


Therapy is not a service offered by Golden Age Home Assisted Living.  Golden Age Home does contract with Home Health Agencies to fulfill the physical, occupational and speech therapy prescriptions received by any Golden Age Home resident.


Golden Age Home does not provide transportation to and from Doctor, hospital, etc. We can assist in making phone calls to help set up services. The resident will need to arrange their own transportation. CARTS (Community Transit) can be utilized for this service. Their number is (800) 456-7433. The Activity Department will be happy to help make phone calls and assist in these arrangements.


Residents are allowed to have and operate personal vehicles.  Parking is available in front of the building.  It is the responsibility of the resident and/or their family to maintain the upkeep and legal status of the vehicle.  Golden Age Assisted Living is not responsible for items left inside the vehicle or the conditions of the vehicle.